What should I do with my old stamp collection?

What should I do with my old stamp collection?

If you can’t afford to keep an inherited stamp collection but aren’t willing to sell it, consider donating it to a worthy organization. If the collection is of value or historical interest, donating it is a great way to memorialize an avid philatelist. You may also qualify for a tax break!

Are old stamp collections worth anything?

Few collectors engage in their hobby in hopes of making a huge profit, but a collection built with care over the years can return a surprising amount of money. If you sell to a dealer, you should expect to receive 20 to 30 per cent of the catalogue value.

How do I know if my old stamps are worth anything?

Auction sites, stamp dealer sites, stamp forum sites, and stamp sites put up by stamp collectors and enthusiasts can easily be found online and these can give you an idea of the current market price of a particular stamp. You can easily and quickly find stamp values at

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How do I sell a large stamp collection?

If you know you have rare stamps, you can sell them through several means:

  1. Local Dealer: Dealers handle both collections and individual stamps.
  2. Mail Order Dealer: If you’re not going local, consider working with a mail order dealer.
  3. American Philatelic Society Circuit Sales:
  4. Auction House:

Does anyone buy stamp collections?

Selling To A Stamp Dealer Stamp dealers are experts in the game, and are often hungry to add more stock to their wares. Therefore, they may be willing to offer you a competitive price for your stamp collection in order to seal the deal.

Are stamp collections a good investment?

Stamps are not a financial asset and so may perform better than cash in times of high inflation. As a tangible asset, a stamp cannot go out of business like a company quoted on the stock market. Stamps are a relatively confidential investment.

What is the average stamp collection worth?

The most common stamps, which are the majority, will all have values of $0.45. This again, is a misrepresentation of market values portrayed by the catalogue publishers. The fact is that all stamps listed at the “minimal value” are actually worth nothing. That’s right.