Is it a HIPAA violation to say a patients name?

Is it a HIPAA violation to say a patients name?

It is not a HIPAA violation to email patient names per se, although patient names and other PHI should not be included in the subject lines of emails as the information could easily be viewed by unauthorized individuals.

Does HIPAA apply to cell phones?

The use of mobile devices in healthcare is not prohibited by HIPAA. Whether users are on their mobile network or an unsecured Wi-Fi, meeting the overarching regulations laid out by HIPAA helps keep PHI safe.

Is a patient name considered PHI?

Names, addresses and phone numbers are NOT considered PHI, unless that information is listed with a medical condition, health care provision, payment data or something that states that they were seen at a particular clinic.

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Can I talk about my patient without saying their name?

HIPAA violation: yes. Some say no but in reality, it’s yes because someone can still be identifiable through the information. However, even without mentioning names one must keep in mind if a patient can identify themselves in what you write about this may be a violation of HIPAA.

Where are personal cell phones permitted for use HIPAA?

Healthcare providers and other HIPAA-covered entities have embraced the mobile technology revolution and are allowing the use of Smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices in hospitals, clinics and other places of work; however, if mobile data security measures are insufficient, covered entities are at risk of …

Can you text HIPAA?

Texting patient information to patients is allowed by HIPAA provided the Covered Entity has warned the patient that the risk of unauthorized disclosure exists and has obtained the patient´s consent to communicate by text. Both the warning and the consent must be documented.

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Is giving out a phone number a Hipaa violation?

Are Phone Calls HIPAA Compliant? Phone calls to patients are HIPAA compliant provided the nature of the phone call falls within the reasons for which a patient is considered to have given their consent.