What resources do both Australia and New Zealand have?

What resources do both Australia and New Zealand have?

Australia is the world’s largest producer of opal and the world’s largest exporter of coal. The country is also one of the top producers of iron ore, nickel, gold, uranium, diamonds, and zinc. New Zealand is an important producer of coal, silver, iron ore, limestone, and gold.

How are the populations of Australia and New Zealand similar?

The indigenous people of Australia and New Zealand are a relatively small group within each country’s population. In June 1996, Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population numbered 386,000, while New Zealand’s Maori population was 523,400….

Australia New Zealand
years years
Median age 20.2 21.3
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When did New Zealand break away from Australia?

On 1 July 1841 the islands of New Zealand were separated from the Colony of New South Wales and made a colony in their own right. This ended more than 50 years of confusion over the relationship between the islands and the Australian colony.

Were New Zealand and Australia joined together?

Australia and New Zealand have always had a close relationship. But for a few months in 1840–41 our connection was even closer – New Zealand was formally made an extension of the New South Wales colony. However, before this official relationship, the two British outposts had had a decades-long association.

How tropical is NZ?

NO, IT’S NOT SUB-TROPICAL While New Zealand is regularly referred to as a sub-tropical destination, only a small part of the country can realistically claim that. Average temperatures around the country in the past 12 months failed to exceed 19 degrees Celsius, according to NIWA data.

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Where are the most expensive places to live in New Zealand?

City centres are the most expensive places to live but plenty of letting agents and landlords advertise for both long and short-term rentals. If you are looking to rent in Auckland, the average price for a medium-sized home starts at around NZ$600 a month.

What is it like to live in New Zealand?

Most people have a great attitude towards a work/life balance, and even in the biggest cities have plenty of green spaces and trails, so you never feel you are somewhere cramped or congested. New Zealand is two main islands – North and South with a few smaller islands dotted around the mainland.

Why invest in Ōtautahi Christchurch?

Ōtautahi Christchurch is a modern-day basecamp for exploration, a place of great growth and opportunity. Those that call this city home enjoy an accessible housing market, ample job opportunities and the great outdoors on their doorstep. It’s time to explore our unrivalled work-life balance.

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Is it cheaper to rent or buy property in New Zealand?

Consumer Prices Including Rent in New Zealand are 6.42\% higher Restaurant Prices in New Zealand are 10.69\% lower Groceries Prices in New Zealand are 25.46\% higher Local Purchasing Power in New Zealand is 2.07\% lower You can rent or buy a property in New Zealand reasonably easily.