Why are ENFPs obsessed with INTJs?

Why are ENFPs obsessed with INTJs?

ENFPs are attracted to the INTJs resolve and commitment. INTJs are very single-minded in their vision and are determined to meet their goals. They have a strong ability to hold their ground and stick to their schedule and plan without being swayed.

Are INTJs and ENFPs similar?

INTJs and ENFPs are both Intuitive personalities, meaning they prefer to think conceptually and focus on the future. However, INTJs prefer to spend time alone, process logically, and follow a plan, while ENFPs usually draw energy from others, express themselves emotionally, and desire a sense of spontaneity.

Can a Intj be an ENFP?

The dominant function of both an INTJ and an ENFP is Intuition, Introverted and Extraverted respectively. This allows both to come together in a way where they can easily understand each other, because they fundamentally perceive the world in the same intuitive way.

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Are ENFPs Heartbreakers?

While ENFPs take love very seriously and don’t usually intend to hurt others, they can be heartbreakers. They do become bored somewhat easily and when this happens they want to bounce around and experience new things.

Who is Intj soulmate?

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the INTJ’s natural partner is the ENFP, or the ENTP. INTJ’s dominant function of Introverted Intuition is best matched with a partner whose personality is dominated by Extraverted Intuition.

What is the difference between an ENFP and an INTJ?

The ENFP personality being an introvert will likely be very open to share and speak first in conversations. They usually just keep speaking unless motivated to stop. An INTJ personality will likely just listen most of the time as they sit back and listen to the other person.

What is it like being an ENFP?

Naturally ENFPs are considerate people who don’t like hurting others, but in their shadow this might not seem to be the case. Their attempts to be factual can be overly cold and direct, causing people to be confused. The inferior function of the ENFP normally being their Si, becomes more focused on Se (extraverted sensing).

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What are the signs of an INTJ who is unhealthy?

INTJs who are unhealthy become extremely pushy about their “logic” and are often insulting to others who do not agree. They have a desire to shove their information down other people’s throats, and are often rather smug about their knowledge.

What is the unhealthy version of an ENFJ?

The unhealthy version of an ENFJ is much more manipulative, and will often use their strong awareness of emotions in order to get what they want. They will often push others around in a subtle way, and will use their strengths in order to keep people in their lives.