What if toneri and Hinata had a child?

What if toneri and Hinata had a child?

The child would inherit Ootsusuki chakra from both parent but a more refined one from Toneri and the child would inherit the Byakugan from both parents as well and due to the mother’s lineage, it should be pure. So, the child should eventually awaken the Tenseigan.

Can a Hyuga get the Tenseigan?

The tenseigan can only be acquired by combining the chakra of the Hyuga clan and the Otsutsuki clan. Boruto has Hyuga clan chakra but not Otsutsuki clan.

Did Hinata really want to marry toneri?

Toneri called Hinata the “Byakugan Princess”. Toneri asked Hinata to become his wife. Hinata “accepted” Toneri’s proposal (But in truth, Hinata’s heart still belongs to Naruto). Due to his love for Hinata, Toneri wishes to take her away before the world is destroyed.

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Is Boruto toneri son?

Toneri Otsutsuki — another descendant of Hamura from the Branch Family on the moon — was obsessed with Hinata due to the untapped power of Hamura Otsutsuki residing within her. Therefore, Boruto has Otsutsuki blood from her side as well. Boruto is an Otsutsuki descendant from both sides of his family.

Who is toneri wife?

Prince Toneri
Born 28 January 676
Died 6 December 735 (aged 59)
Spouse Tagima-no-Yamashiro
Issue Prince Moribe Prince Mihara Prince Fune Prince Ikeda Prince Mishima Emperor Junnin Prince Miura

Does Hanabi have Hamura Chakra?

It was not shown in that movie that she got chakra from Hamura like Sasuke and Naruto received from Hagoromo. She has the same chakra that Hanabi or Neji has or example.

Can Hanabi use Tenseigan?

Just like he couldn’t use Sharingan and Mangekyou, Hanabi can’t activate the Tenseigan… but technically some of that power should still be in the eyes, yes. Just like he couldn’t use Sharingan and Mangekyou, Hanabi can’t activate the Tenseigan.

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Does Hanabi have the Tenseigan?

Hanabi is a hyuga and she has and always had a byakugan like every other Hyuga clan’s memeber. If her eyes are taken and then given back to her it won’t become Tenseigan as it was always a Byakugan.