What does genuine mean in car parts?

What does genuine mean in car parts?

A genuine part is an auto component that was installed in your vehicle when the vehicle was first manufactured. Genuine parts are more expensive than any other types of auto parts because they carry the company logo.

What brand does Chevy use for parts?

ACDelco is the true General Motors’ Original Equipment parts brand for Chevrolet.

What are non genuine car parts called?

Replacement parts These are often called OEM parts which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The parts have been made by an external company that has supplied the car maker with components for that car at some point.

What does OEM genuine mean?

Original Equipment Manufacturer
Here and everywhere else, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” So, OEM automotive components are the official, genuine parts produced directly by your vehicle’s maker.

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Are aftermarket parts OK?

An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s maker. If the parts are direct replacement parts, they will not void your car’s warranty. Some aftermarket parts are equal to or better than the OEM part. If the price seems too good to be true, beware of poor quality parts.

Who makes genuine GM parts?

ACDelco Parts
OEM GM Parts and ACDelco Parts Are One In The Same We are proud to offer our customers with the entire ACDelco catalog on our site at wholesale pricing. ACDelco is the original OEM factory manufacturer for many of the parts that came on your GM.

Are AC Delco and GM parts the same?

ACDelco is an American automotive parts brand owned by General Motors (GM). Factory parts for vehicles manufactured by GM are consolidated under the ACDelco brand, which also offers aftermarket parts for non-GM vehicles.

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How do I know if my GM parts are genuine?

INSPECT THE PACKAGING. Always ask an installer if you can view the part packaging prior to installation. If it appears flimsy, lacks the name brand or logo, or has a name that is similar to, but not the same as, those you’re used to seeing (such as GM Genuine Partz instead of GM Genuine Parts), it could be counterfeit.

Are ACDelco and GM parts the same?

How do I know if my car parts are original?

  1. Fake OEM Part Aren’t Identical to Originals. Counterfeiters focus on the most frequently replaceable parts of a car such as brake pads, oil filters, and spark plugs.
  2. Check the Certificate of Authenticity. A visual inspection may not be enough to tell a real from a fake OEM part.
  3. Find A Trustworthy Repair Shop.