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Was Shaq good in college?

Was Shaq good in college?

He quickly became one of the best centers in the league, winning Rookie of the Year in 1992–93 and leading his team to the 1995 NBA Finals….Shaquille O’Neal.

Personal information
College LSU (1989–1992)
NBA draft 1992 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1st overall
Selected by the Orlando Magic
Playing career 1992–2011

What was Shaq’s GPA in college?

O’Neal graduated with a 3.813 GPA, according to Fox News, and was one of approximately 1,100 graduates in the commencement ceremony. Shaq attended Louisiana State as a business major, and promised his mother that he would return to college following his NBA career, and he did just that.

What did Shaq major in college?

We wish him well in his graduation, it’s a wonderful thing to do.” The 28-year-old O’Neal, who left LSU after three years to turn pro in 1992, will receive a bachelor of arts degree in general studies.

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How many points did Shaq average in college?

Per Game

Season School PTS
1989-90 LSU 13.9
1990-91 LSU 27.6
1991-92 LSU 24.1
Career LSU 21.6

How long did Shaq stay in college?

three years
O’Neal stayed at Louisiana State University for three years, leaving in 1992 for the NBA draft.

What college did Kobe Bryant go to?

Lower Merion High School1996
Bala Cynwyd Middle SchoolSchool Of The Woods Montessori
Kobe Bryant/Education

Did Shaq go back to college?

Those people would be surprised to know that O’Neal has obtained a very extended line of education. The former LSU star went back to college during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers to finish his bachelors’ degree. Shaq later went on to obtain a Doctorate in Education from Barry University in 2012.

What college did Kevin Durant go to?

The University of Texas at Austin2006–2007
Kevin Durant/College

Kevin Durant attended the University of Texas, where he was a first-team All-American and the first freshman to earn consensus for national College Player of the Year honors.

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Where did Shaq go to college?

Barry University2012
University of Phoenix2005Louisiana State University2000Syracuse UniversityNew York Film Academy | New York
Shaquille O’Neal/College

What college did Bryant attend *?