Are Corvette sales down?

Are Corvette sales down?

Chevrolet Corvette Sales – Q3 2021 – Mexico In Mexico, Chevrolet Corvette deliveries totaled 44 units in Q3 2021, a decrease of about 10 percent compared to 49 units sold in Q3 2020. In the first nine months of the year, Corvette sales increased about 12 percent to 120 units.

Why are used Corvette prices so high right now?

“The current used car price increase is unparalleled, and prices will likely remain elevated for the foreseeable future due to the magnitude of the global microchip shortage and restricted new car supply,” Brauer said.

Why do Corvettes have low miles?

Corvettes are generally very well treated. They are sports cars, so their owners tend to have something else as a daily drive, so a Corvette should have comparatively low mileage. You might ask the owner to take you for a ride before you drive the car.

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Are the 2021 Corvettes sold out?

“Due to an overwhelming demand for the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet has decided to stop taking sold orders on March 25, 2021,” the automaker said in a prepared statement. “Chevrolet dealers will begin taking orders for the 2022 Corvette in early July.”

Are 2021 Corvettes selling?

No surprise then that the new mid-engine Chevy was the fastest selling new car last month. Per a new report from automotive research website iSeeCars, the new C8 Corvette Stingray was the number-one fastest selling new vehicle in the U.S. during July of 2021, taking on average just seven days to sell.

Will used Corvette prices drop?

Used car prices generally remain relatively constant year over year with 2019 having a 0.2\% reduction over 2018, and 2020 had a 0.1\% price increase over 2019. Prices for the Corvette are up by 33.9\% since April 2020 with the average used Corvette selling for $17,432 more in April 2021 when compared to April 2020.

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Do Corvettes increase in value?

The trade-in or resale value for a Chevrolet Corvette is up an incredible 33.9 percent since April of 2020. A new study from looked at the surge in resale prices in the last year. The increase in value is significant at 26.7percent.