How can I immigrate to Asia?

How can I immigrate to Asia?

How To Pick Up Your Life And Move To Asia, Even If You’re Not As Rich As Jim Rogers

  1. Get some cash together.
  2. Get your shots.
  3. Don’t worry about learning a foreign language.
  4. Find your employment strategy.
  5. Get a job.
  6. Apply for a visa.
  7. Build a network of local contacts.
  8. Rent a home, don’t buy.

How much does it cost to live in Southeast Asia?

While traveling Southeast Asia on the budget end, you should be able to live on an average daily budget of about $50-$60/day for two people (around $35-$40/day for solo travellers).

Is it cheap to live in Asia?

Southeast Asia continues to have some of the world’s cheapest destinations, and even the most expensive places are generally quite a bit cheaper than Europe or North America’s most expensive destinations.

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What are some tips for moving to Southeast Asia?

Below are five tips that I’ve learned from personal experience, which may help your transition to moving to Southeast Asia a little easier. 1. Rent Don’t Buy, at Least for the First Year. Rent in the area you think you want to settle in and see what it’s like living there, then go ahead and buy if it makes sense.

Is Southeast Asia the right place for You?

From our experience Southeast Asia was, is and for a long time will be the right place for that. You’ve probably heard that for years this part of the world has been attracting not only budget travelers, but people with high solid income.

What kind of jobs are there in Southeast Asia for expats?

There are way more jobs in Southeast Asia for expats than just an English teacher or Software Development jobs. Depending on your experience you would be able to find opportunities in marketing, tourism, hospitality and business.

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How to move to a new country as an expat?

A huge help in the moving process is to get online and join expat forums like You can choose the city you are moving to, get in touch with other expats, and ask questions from those who already live there.