Will supercell bring back global chat?

Will supercell bring back global chat?

To all the fans asking whether Global Chat would return or not, here is the answer. No, it is not going to return anytime soon. Global Chat required a lot of expense on the part of Supercell, as it had to provide continuous Support and implement Anti-spam and Anti-fraud agents.

Will Clash of Clans be removed in 2022?

Rest assured, Clash of Clans isn’t shutting/closing down in 2022. It also isn’t going to disappear from the App Store or Google Play Store. Some users might need to update or replace their mobile device(s) in order to keep playing the online strategy game, though.

Did clash get rid of global chat?

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In last update Global Chat was removed. Since, it was no beneficial for both the company and players all over the world. During my 4 years of COC gameplay I have hardly seen any need of Global Chat.

Is clash of clans being removed?

Rest assured, it seems as though the shutting down claims are merely rumours. The game is still on the app store and the Clash of Clans social media accounts have not given any indication that the game will be removed come 2022.

Is clash Royale shutting down 2021?

Rumors abound of it’s untimely demise but fear not, Clash Royale is going nowhere – at least right now it’s not.

Is supercell closing COC?

Yes, while Clash of Clans is definitively not shutting down, it is true that some older mobile devices will no longer be able to run the game. This was announced by Supercell on November 15 in a blog post on its official website.

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Is Clash of Clans on PC?

Clash of Clans for a PC is the same game, which is playing on the work desktop or laptop, as you learn from the mobile app. You can play CoC on your desktop online by downloading the LDPlayer Android emulator to your machine.

Why is supercell banned in Vietnam?

Clash of Clans maker Supercell has pulled out of Vietnam indefinitely due to “local regulatory issues.” “Because of local regulatory issues we have decided to discontinue offering our games in the Vietnamese Google Play and Apple App Store. …