Why was ant groups IPO suspended?

Why was ant groups IPO suspended?

China Halts Ant Group’s Blockbuster I.P.O. A dual listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong was postponed one day after Chinese regulators summoned Jack Ma and other executives of the financial technology giant. Ant Challenged Beijing and Prospered.

What will happen with ant IPO?

Ant Group says it will help employees monetize shares and commits to listing after canceled IPO. Ant Group will find a “liquidity solution” for employees to monetize shares after its massive initial public offering (IPO) was pulled by regulators.

What is Ant IPO price?

HK$80 per share
Ant Group, the Chinese financial-technology juggernaut, priced its initial public offering at HK$80 per share, the company said on Monday. Its shares will start trading on Nov. 5.

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How do I participate in ant IPO?

As a U.S. retail investor, you cannot directly invest in The Ant Group IPO, because the company won’t list in the U.S. But you can indirectly invest in The Ant Group IPO. Such indirect methods include: Buying the Renaissance International IPO ETF (NYSEARCA:IPOS), an ETF which invests in international IPOs.

Will Ant IPO come back?

HONG KONG — It will “not be too long” before Ant Group is able to resume its suspended initial public offering, according a member of the Chinese financial technology group’s board of directors.

Will Ant Group ever IPO?

Twelve months ago, Ant Group—the fintech subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba—was primed for the world’s biggest-ever IPO: a $37 billion dual listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The next day, Ant’s IPO was canceled.

How do I invest in IPO Ant?

  1. Buy Alibaba shares. Another option for investors who want to purchase Ant Group stocks is to back its parent company, Alibaba.
  2. Buy ETFs. You can also indirectly add Ant Group stocks to your portfolio by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the stock.
  3. Wait for an ADR.
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Can I buy Ant Financial stock?

Can I invest in ant IPO?

What is the biggest IPO in history?

Alibaba Group’s
Alibaba Group’s staggering initial public offering (IPO) of $25 billion shattered all records and became the largest IPO ever….

  • 1) Alibaba Group Holding Limited.
  • 2) Agricultural Bank of China.
  • 3) ICBC.
  • General Motors Company.
  • NTT DOCOMO, Inc.
  • Visa Inc.
  • AIA Group Limited.
  • Enel.

When did Ant Group IPO?

November 5
Here’s how Chinese regulators slammed the brakes on the firm’s would-be record-breaking $37 billion IPO. The Chinese fintech company Ant Group was ready to shatter records with a $37 billion IPO on November 5, with a reported estimated valuation close to $300 billion.

Is Ant Group Profitable?

The company contributed 6.5 billion yuan ($1 billion) to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s earnings, a filing showed Thursday. Based on Alibaba’s one-third stake in Ant, that translates to an estimated 19.71 billion yuan in profit, up 39\% from a year earlier. Ant’s earnings lag one quarter behind Alibaba’s.