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Why most of the UPSC aspirants are engineers?

Why most of the UPSC aspirants are engineers?

She explained that engineers qualify CSE because of their good analytical aptitude as a result of undergoing four-year engineering studies. IFS Ankit Kumar, a 2019 batch officer, believes that the introduction of the CSAT exam has played a favourable role for engineering students appearing for this examination.

Which engineering degree is best for UPSC?

Mechanical Engineering, these are eligible for upsc. I suggest you to be a part of Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in terms of Engineering Streams if you are a IAS aspirant. No other Engineering stream is as useful as these branches to become an IAS officer.

Can an engineer become an IAS officer?

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. For appearing in this exam you have to complete Degree from any stream but engineering is a good degree to pursue being an aspirant of IAS and you should also have 21 years of minimum age. To become IAS officer you have to give and qualify in Civil Service Exam.

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Can engineers give UPSC?

You have to choose one optional subject and engineering is also offered by the UPSC as optional. The UPSC offers three engineering optional subjects – civil, mechanical and electrical engineering optional.

Is Upsc tough for engineering students?

The IAS exam can be a hard game, particularly for an engineering student, but the UPSC milestone can be accomplished by adopting a set plan and with determination. Every year, the number of engineers in the rankers grows, and currently, engineers account for 20\% of all IAS officers!

Why can’t the UPSC’s scale of eligibility be shared publicly?

Asked how the UPSC carries out the scaling, the official said it is a scientific formula, but it is the “intellectual property” of the UPSC and cannot be shared publicly. The UPSC has even maintained this stand in front of the Supreme Court, and won its approval.

Why do graduate engineers dominate in the IAS?

In last few years, the graduate engineers have come to dominate the IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Results with statistics of final selections backing them up as well. Many experts have brushed aside this new trend, terming it as a temporary phenomenon due to lack of good employment opportunities in core engineering fields.

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How many civil servants have engineering-plus-management backgrounds?

Eight others have engineering-plus-management backgrounds. There are only 84 civil servants in the batch from an arts background, accounting for 19.6 per cent of the intake. In the 2019 batch, of the 325 total civil service trainees who went to LBSNAA, 191 or 58.7 per cent were engineers. Another 10 had engineering-plus-management backgrounds.

Is the number of engineers coming into civil services really decreasing?

Sometimes, the numbers go marginally up or down, but there is no major change in the trend of engineers coming into the civil services,” said LBSNAA director Sanjeev Chopra. Also read: ‘No scam’ — this is why UPSC always recruits fewer candidates than posts notified