Why is the Egyptian border so straight?

Why is the Egyptian border so straight?

At the time, all the 2 empires wanted was open shipping routes to Russia (via Istanbul) and a secure Suez Canal connection to India through Egypt. So the two men literally drew straight lines on a map, dividing up territory ruled by the Ottoman Empire for over 400 years into brand new countries.

Why are African borders so straight?

As far as they were concerned, Africans were all black heathens who had better not complain when they were being brought into the civilized world by the all knowing cultured nations of the world. Hence, they simply drew straight lines where they could not identify any obvious geographic barrier.

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Which country has the straightest borders?

Canada and the United States share the longest, straightest, possibly boringest border in the world.

Why do borders have straight lines?

Because of its unique history, many of the boundaries of the political divisions of the United States were artificially constructed (rather than permitted to evolve and drawn using natural features of the landscape). Therefore, many U.S. states have straight lines as boundaries, especially in the West.

What country is Bir?

Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil بير طويل
Bir Tawil Location between Egypt and Sudan Show map of Egypt Show map of Sudan Show all
Coordinates: 21°52′9″N 33°44′52″ECoordinates: 21°52′9″N 33°44′52″E
Country None

Are there any straight borders in Europe?

How many straight line borders are there in Europe? But back to Europe for a moment: the reason there are no straight lines is because the borders mean something. They follow rivers or mountain ranges, and in some cases they’ve existed since before there were any real maps.

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What is the only state that has no straight line borders?

America loves its straight-line borders. The only U.S. state without one is Hawaii – for obvious reasons (1). West of the Mississippi, states are bigger, emptier and boxier than back East.