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Why is Aromat bad for you?

Why is Aromat bad for you?

Aromat, like many other spices, contains a high level of sodium derived from its salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG) content. Excessive salt intake can cause problems with high blood pressure and damage the kidneys, so use all spices which contain sodium in moderation.

What is Aromat seasoning made of?

The ingredients in Aromat vary by market, but include the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate, and may also comprise yeast extract, wheat or corn flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat, and various herbs, spices, vegetable extracts and other flavourings.

What is Aromat used for?

Excellent for use in gravies, soups, pasta, rice and cream sauces. A great all purpose seasoning that can be sprinkled over cooked meat, chicken, vegetables, hot chips or deep fried foods.

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What is Aromat seasoning used for?

Knorr Aromat Seasoning is a finely balanced blend of herbs and spices, carefully selected to bring out the best in your cooking. It’s incredibly versatile – you can use it just like salt and pepper, either whilst cooking or at the table as a condiment.

What flavor is Aromat?

Aromat Seasoning comes in Cheese, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri, Original and Naturally Tasty flavours.

What flavour is Aromat?

2. Aromat comes in four different flavors, including one made without MSG. The four flavors are: Original, Aromat pour viande (for meat), Aromat aux herbes (with parsley, coriander, lovage, basil and bay leaves), Aromat sans naturellement (without MSG), and Aromare (made with herbs and sea salt).

Is Aromat a mag?

1. Most Aromat contains monosodium glutamate (MSG). Ingredients: iodized salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), lactose, wheat starch, yeast extract, spices (onions, garlic, turmeric, celery seeds, cloves, bay leaves), vegetable oils (palm, sunflower), mushroom extract.

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What happened to Aromat?

Kenya’s Health Ministry is planning to issue a directive to recall Unilever’s Aromat, a seasoning ingredient, from the domestic market. The decision comes after the National Assembly’s Agriculture, Cooperative and Livestock Committee found out that the product contains genetically modified (GM) content.

What Flavour is Aromat?

How do you make Aromat?


  1. Blanched the potatoes in boiling salt water and strain.
  2. Oil blanched the potatoes for few minutes; strain and allow to cool.
  3. Finally, deep fry them to the crisp and golden.
  4. Sprinkle the Knorr Aromat Seasoning and tossed well.
  5. Serve hot with your choice of dressing.

Where is Swiss Aromat made?

Swiss Aromat is produced at the Knorr factory in Thayngen, in the canton of Schaffhausen. Today, the Knorr brand is owned by Uniliver, a Dutch-British transnational company. 5. Aromat was originally called “Pflanzenextract.” “Pflanzenextract” means “plant extract” in German.

What does Aromat mean?

Aromat is a food seasoning, first introduced in 1953, and marketed internationally under the brand name Knorr, owned by the Unilever group. It is described by Knorr as an ‘all purpose savoury seasoning’.

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What is Aromat seasoning?

Aromat is the brand name of a mass-produced general-purpose seasoning produced in Switzerland and South Africa under the brand name Knorr, which is owned by the Unilever group.

Where is Aromat sold in South Africa?

Aromat sold in South Africa and surrounding regions is typically produced in South Africa by Unilever South Africa (Pty) Ltd and sold in 75g containers.