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Why does it say accept on Snapchat contacts?

Why does it say accept on Snapchat contacts?

Because they are still following you. You have unfollowed them but they still follow you. You have not removed their ability to send you chats. However, you will not see them until you ac…

What happens when you allow contacts on Snapchat?

No it does not. It will ask for access to your contacts, and even if you give it access, it will not automatically add those people. The only people Snapchat automatically adds is Team Snapchat when you first begin. Otherwise you have to add people by snapcode, through your contacts, or by username.

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Does someone have to accept you on Snapchat to see their story?

Friends Only: For most people, this is the way to go. Those you’ve accepted on Snapchat can view your Story, but if you haven’t accepted them as a mutual friend, they won’t be able to see your Story at all.

What’s the difference between ADD friend and accept friend?

Tapping on “Added me” will show you the username of the person who is friends with you. If it says “Added you back”, it means that they accepted your friend request. If you can’t find them there, it doesn’t have to mean they haven’t declined your friend request, but it can also mean that they have not accepted it.

Does snap automatically send friend requests?

No until and unless the other person accept your friend request you won’t be able to add them in your friend list. Although their account is public you can directly add them on Snapchat.

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Does Snapchat automatically add friends from your contacts?

Snapchat does not automatically add your phone contacts when you set up a new account. You can select to add your contacts should you wish to but nothing happens without your consent.

Why did I get a notification that someone added to their story on Snapchat?

nothing happens. There is no notification or anything like that. You will see their bitmoji avatar turn into a circle that engulfs whatever image they put up on their Snap story—then you can optionally tap to see it.