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Why do so many people give JEE?

Why do so many people give JEE?

Well, exceptions are always there, so, whether appearing in January or April or both, performance is all that matters, not the number of attempts it took. NTA make sure that with exam going Computer Based totally, those with special needs should not be left behind.

Why JEE is so difficult?

“The exam is designed to eliminate people or to reject candidates, not to select them. So it is tricky and complicated,” Rao said. While talking about the competition among JEE aspirants and the preparation they come with, Rao said, “By 1 or 2 marks, the rank can go down by thousands.

Is JEE useless Quora?

What makes JEE meaningless? – Quora. Well JEE cannot be meaningless at all. CBSE – one of the most respected and reknowned governmental education board initiated the JEE or ( AIEEE earlier as it was called) in the year 2002 to shortlist passionate engineers from the others.

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What is the importance of JEE exam?

What Is The Importance Of JEE Exam? IIT JEE exam which consists of JEE Main and JEE Advanced is one of the most important entrance exams for engineering aspirants. The exam is held for candidates who are aspiring to pursue a career in the field of engineering and technical studies.

Why do so many people give Jee but not get into IIT?

This means that there might be many people who might have prepared for JEE but are not able to get into IITs or NITs. Every year around 11–12 lac students give JEE. Why? Most common reason is that the total seats for iit are 11289.There are approx 12 lakhs student who give exam for iit.

How many students deserve to clear the JEE?

Many know that the questions in JEE are of class 11–12th level. Many go to coaching institute for JEE but get distracted. Many people opt for foreign universities. Many people loose hope. This sheds almost 8–9 lac students leaving only 3 lac students who deserve to clear JEE but almost half get depressed, scared, tensed and perform bad in the exam.

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Why do most students who register for the JEE Advanced fail?

The fear of failure and that of coming out of individual comfort zones to answer difficult questions decreases one’s self confidence which ultimately prevents one from excelling in JEE. According to me, most students who register for the JEE Advanced fail because of a chronic fear of hard work they have inside of them.