Why do people pronounce turmeric incorrectly?

Why do people pronounce turmeric incorrectly?

Here is the answer. Reason #1: It’s hard to articulate two syllables that end in R consequently, especially since the first one starts with T, and the next one starts with M, so we make it easier to say by dropping one of the R’s. In short, it’s just easier to say ‘tumeric’ than it is to say ‘termeric’.

Do you roll the R in chorizo?

In Colombia, chorizo is usually accompanied by arepa. In Brazil, chouriço is the word used for what in the rest of Latin America is morcilla; meat sausages similar to the chorizos of other Latin American countries are called linguiça.

Why do people pronounce it especially?

It normally has an “s” sound there. What was it likely to be, personal way of pronouncing this word or a local dialect? It was probably just a personal way of mispronouncing, mangling the word. I heard a professor just today pronounce “especially” as expeshulee.

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What is a chorizo in English?

Definition of chorizo : a seasoned, coarsely ground, pork sausage. a : a spicy or sweet ground pork sausage that is seasoned especially with smoked paprika, is used chiefly in Spanish cooking, and is typically sold dried and cured in casings.

Is the R pronounced in turmeric?

As it happens, you can correctly pronounce “turmeric” either with or without sounding that first “r”: TUR-mer-ik or TOO-mer-ik. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (5th ed.) gives both as standard pronunciations.

What does chorizo mean in slang?

chorizo m (plural chorizos) (Spain) a crook. (Spain, Mexico, Chile, colloquial) petty thief, pickpocket Synonyms: choro, ratero, ladronzuelo, carterista.

Can dogs eat chorizo?

Chorizo is not a recommended source of protein for your dog as it’s high in fat and salt, and it may be processed with seasonings that are unsafe for your dog. Avoid feeding your dog any kind of meat that contains garlic or onion powder as they are toxic to your dog.