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Why are there two loaves of bread on the table during Shabbat?

Why are there two loaves of bread on the table during Shabbat?

The term “challah” is applied more widely to mean any bread used in Jewish rituals. On the eve of Shabbat, two loaves are placed on the table to reference the Jewish teaching that a double portion of manna fell from heaven on Friday to last through the Saturday Shabbat.

What is the story behind challah?

It recalls the biblical story of manna, or bread, that God sent to the Israelites in the wilderness. In the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jews brought dough as an offering to the priests, who used it to bake their own bread. For centuries, Jewish women baked challah weekly in their homes.

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What does it say on a challah cover?

This challah cover features the traditional Hebrew phrase “Shabbat v’yom tov,” which means “Shabbat and holiday,” making it suitable for Shabbat and all of the holidays except Passover. On classic Old World challah covers the phrase is often embroidered in gold.

What is the purpose of challah cover?

A challah cover is a special cloth used to cover the two braided loaves (challah) set out on the table at the beginning of a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal. While its appearance lends a decorative and ceremonial aspect to the set table, its presence serves both a halakhic and symbolic function.

Why do we cover the challah?

Each morning the Israelites found the manna in the fields, encased in two layers of dew to preserve its freshness. Thus, we place the challot beneath a challah cover and over a tablecloth (or challah board) to recreate the miracle of the manna at our own Shabbat tables.

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What is the size of a challah cover?

20 inch by 20 Inches
Challah bread cover Shabbat Original design 20 inch by 20 Inches cotton mix made in Jerusalem.

Why is challah important?

The bond among Jews, God and bread goes back to the first five books of the Bible: As the Israelites are about to end their exile, God commands them to show gratitude by setting aside a portion, or “challah,” of all the bread they make after entering the Holy Land.

How long does Shabbat last?

about 25 hours
The Sabbath is commanded by God In practical terms the Sabbath starts a few minutes before sunset on Friday and runs until an hour after sunset on Saturday, so it lasts about 25 hours. God commanded the Jewish People to observe the Sabbath and keep it holy as the fourth of the Ten Commandments.