Why are people stealing pallets?

Why are people stealing pallets?

Scholnick of the pallet association says the thefts are a reminder of the ravenous demand for his industry’s product. “When a pallet suddenly has that much value, it’s good,” he said.

How does Home Depot Track thieves?

Home Depot will have video evidence and often testimony from security guards that can and will be used against you. Note that you will likely be given a criminal record for theft from Home Depot, as well as potential jail time.

How do you protect inventory from theft?

Tips to prevent warehouse theft in your business

  1. Conduct background checks before hiring new warehouse staff.
  2. Educate employees about company policy on theft.
  3. Deal with thefts immediately, in line with your company policy.
  4. Maximise managerial visibility in your warehouse.
  5. Limit access to stock in your warehouse.
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Does Home Depot have a chase policy?

Stephen Holmes with Home Depot’s corporate office says, “No merchandise or other asset is worth risking the life of our associates or customers, which is why we have a strict policy against pursuing a shoplifter in a manner that creates a safety risk for anyone, and that includes chasing shoplifters across the parking …

How do you prevent pallet theft?

Avoiding Theft in the Pallet Industry

  1. Know where your trailers are at all times and their locations.
  2. Be careful when customers are paying with a credit card.
  3. Be careful with new customers.
  4. Never pay for shipping costs.
  5. Finally, if you are a victim to a pallet or trailer theft you need to report it.

Can you take pallets from industrial estates?

Artisanal and industrial areas are one of the best locations for pallet-picking as they have many shops. Pallets will often be kept outside.

What happens if you get caught stealing from Home Depot?

When a Home Depot employee suspects you of stealing, they typically wait until you leave the store to confront you. Once detained, security will hold you at the store until the police arrive. After the police arrive they will take you into custody. You will be held in jail until you either post bail or see a judge.

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How do you stop theft from going down?

Implement Warehouse Technologies

  1. Implement a WMS. A WMS can help you track your stocks in real-time and detect missing items.
  2. Mobile Technologies & Wearables. These warehouse technologies, when integrated with a WMS, can help you inspect your warehouse by having access to data anywhere in the facility.
  3. Drones.

What should I do if I get caught stealing at work?

When you’ve been caught stealing, you’ll be called into a private meeting with your manager and a member of the HR department. At this point, it’s probably best to resign and walk away from the situation. What is this? It’s better to resign than to wait to be dismissed by your employer.

Is Asset Protection at Home Depot full time?

Benefits are great and are available to both part and full time associates.