Why are NBA players height changing?

Why are NBA players height changing?

NBA spokesman Mike Bass confirmed the report to The Washington Post, adding, “A consistent process has been created to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data on team rosters.” Most NBA players were upset by this, as they don’t play without shoes on. The height will be rounded to the nearest inch.

Why are NBA Heights wrong?

After 70 years since they got their name, the NBA has finally decided to standardize players’ height, weight, and age for the 2019 season. Players are to be measured by their teams, without shoes. This caused a lot of changes in listed measurements from the 2018 season.

What is the height requirement for NBA?

At the professional level, most male players are above 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) and most women above 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m). Guards, for whom physical coordination and ball-handling skills are crucial, tend to be the smallest players.

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Are NBA heights exaggerated?

At the start of the season, the NBA re-measured their players to make sure their heights weren’t being exaggerated (or in some cases even, understated). We’ve known for years that players like Kevin Durant weren’t 6 ft 9. For years, fans suspected he was closer to 7 ft than he was to his alleged height.

Why do NBA players lie about their heights?

Some NBA players are known to be elusive about their heights, including Kemba Walker and Kevin Durant. The most common reason is to avoid being pigeonholed to play a certain position. Durant admitted in 2016 that he shaves a few inches off his official height — apparently to avoid being labeled a power forward.

Are NBA Heights accurate?

The NBA is requiring teams report accurate heights for all its players by the end of the week. Conley has been listed at 6-foot-1, while Mitchell has been listed as 6-3. Per the NBA, heights must be verified by the end of the first week of training camp, which begins Tuesday for the Jazz.

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What is NBA health and benefit plan?

The NBA’s Plan provided certain benefits to eligible active and former players and their eligible dependents; The NBA Plan is designed to provide supplemental coverage to eligible participants over their existing medical and dental coverage.

Why would you want to be a NBA player?

Basketball also keeps your state of mind in the right direction as you are constantly engaged in the game, and the concentration develops your skills and boosts your overall confidence. It also gives you high self-esteem. Playing basketball increases self-discipline, which is a vital trait to excel in life.