Who is the vocal line in loona?

Who is the vocal line in loona?

VOCAL LINE: Main Vocal: Chuu: all the fandom knows that Chuu is the best (or the second best) vocal in LOONA.

Who is the strongest in loona?

Olivia Hye
Loona’s strongest fist title belonged to Olivia Hye. The female idol surpassed Sunn (cignature) as she reached 769 points in the punching game.

Who is the most talented member of loona?

Haseul – She is really talented. Her voice sounds great and she is capable of doing that high notes.

  • Chuu – She makes singing those high notes so effortless. Her voice sounds fresh and clean.
  • Yves – She is also a very competent vocal.
  • Heejin – She has a beautiful voice.
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    Is Vivi loona a good dancer?

    Vivi – I actually really like Vivi’s dancing. She is skilled and capable, and her moves are neat and sharp. She’s just not one that you might notice immediately and definitely isn’t as powerful as other members who focus more on dancing.

    Is CHUU the main vocalist of loona?

    Loona/Lead singers

    What are the roles in loona?

    Those roles being main and lead vocals, main and lead dancers, rapper, center, and visuals.

    Is Haseul a main vocalist?

    Stage Name: Haseul (하슬). Birth Name: Jo Ha-seul (조하슬). Position: Leader, Main Vocalist. Birthday: August 18, 1997.

    Who started CHUU heart?

    She explained the story behind its creation, stating, “I was trying to make a heart at a fan sign event but it just turned into a circle.” Chuu explained she bit into it to make it look like a heart, and said, “I just did it but the fans started calling it the ‘Chuu Heart.

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    Is heejin a better dancer than Yves?

    heejin doesnt have trouble with stiffness, her performance value is consistently the best of the group, she is precise with staying on beat, and her isolations are better than before and better than yves’ as well.

    Is Kimkim lip the lead vocal for Loona?

    Kim Lip: I’ll say that she was a main vocal for OEC, but lead vocal for LOONA. In Stylish she’s kinda considered as a main vocal (if I’m not wrong, she did hit the highest note in LOONA history).

    Who is the best rapper in Loona?

    Also I know most people would say Olivia and JinSoul are the group’s rappers, but I personally believe loona has some fantastic rappers (HaSeul, Yves, ViVi) who aren’t given the opportunity because they dont fit the image of a rapper. And when it comes to visuals the top 3 in loona are without a doubt HyunJin, HeeJin, and JinSoul.

    Who is the visual in Loona?

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    And when it comes to visuals the top 3 in loona are without a doubt HyunJin, HeeJin, and JinSoul. But I believe according to Korean beauty standards JinSoul is above HeeJin. (Also beauty is in the eye of the beholder, personally I believe ViVi is the visual in loona 😭)

    Why is the BBC not treating Loona right?

    Haseul must be a main vocal, needless to say. I think the reason BBC are not treating them right are just because they are still not popular; so it is more important to make LOONA, as a whole, famous than to let the members be at their position.