Who is the famous writer of Uttarakhand?

Who is the famous writer of Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand’s Famous Books and Their Authors

Book Author
Almora Gazetteer H. G. Walton)
Gazetteer of Dehradun (Hindi Translation) Prakash Thapliyal
Mussoorie Medley Ganesh Shaili
Himalayan Travels Jodh Singh Negi

Who is the famous singer of Uttarakhand?

1. Mohan Upreti: A famous folk-singer from Kumaon, Mohan Upreti is known for his Nanda Devi Jagar & Rajula Malushahi Ballad. His iconic Kumaoni song Bedu Pako Baro Masa is fondly referred to as the cultural anthem of Uttarakhand.

Who was the first freedom fighter of Uttarakhand?

Ram Prasad Nautiyal (Hindi: राम प्रसाद नौटियाल) (1 August 1905 – 24 December 1980) was an Indian independence activist and politician….

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Ram Prasad Nautiyal
Born August 1, 1905 Kanda Khatli, Beironkhal Pauri Garhwal (United Provinces, British India), India
Died December 24, 1980 (aged 75)

Who is the singer who hails from Dehradun Uttarakhand?

Dehradun , 11 Oct 2020 Shraddha Sharma is a famous singer from Dehradun who started out by uploading videos to YouTube.

Who is the best poet in Uttarakhand?

Sumitranandan Pant, the “Bard of Almora” who sang of the beauty of nature in his poetry and was one of the shining names of the “Chhayavaadi Kavis” will always be the pride of Uttarakhand besides being one of the most well-known Hindi poets of our country In December 2015, the then Governor of Uttarakhand Dr.

Who is the most famous poet of Uttarakhand?

SUMITRANANDAN PANT- THE FAMOUS HINDI POET OF UTTARAKHAND. There are thousands of poets and writers who came, wrote their articles and poems and went away.

Which is the folk song of Uttarakhand?

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Basanti too is one of the most popular folk songs, sung for the arrival of the spring season, when the flowers would bloom and would add glare to the beauty of the hill state of Uttarakhand. The Basanti of Uttarakhand is a very special folk song.

Who is the hero of Uttarakhand?

Indramani Badoni – The Unsung Hero of Uttarakhand State Movement. Late Indramani was in favour of a separate state which would help in the rapid development of the hilly areas.

Who is the richest man in Uttarakhand?

Rajesh Saraiya
Born 2 October 1969 Dehradun, India
Nationality India
Occupation Business

Who is the famous person in Uttarakhand?

Ummed Singh Mahra, Captain. He was awarded the Ashoka Chakra, India’s highest peacetime military decoration.