Which is better Chai Point or Chaayos?

Which is better Chai Point or Chaayos?

As things stand, Chai Point is the runaway leader. But Chaayos’ financials indicate rapid growth – 160\% compared to Chai Point’s 55\% year-on-year – and suggest that it is on course to give its rival tough competition. Chai Point is dominant in south India while Chaayos is strong in northern cities.

Does Chaayos have coffee? Chaayos – Tea / Coffee, Tea & Beverages: Grocery & Gourmet Foods.

Why is chai so popular?

The reasons are many: It has become popular with stars, from Oprah to the Kardashians. Most chai is gluten-free. It can also be made vegan. Many chais are hydrogenated-free and trans fat-free, which can be determined by studying the ingredients list.

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Is Chaayos a loss?

According to Chaayos’ annual statements for FY19, the company’s revenue from operations increased by 27.9\% to Rs 66.87 crore from Rs 52.25 crore in FY18. It faced a net loss of Rs 28.75 crore at the end of the FY19.

Who is the owner of Chaayos?

Nitin Saluja – Founder
Nitin Saluja – Founder – Chaayos | LinkedIn.

Why is Chaayos successful?

They have introduced uniqueness in their tea menu or you can say they have sufficiently managed to do an experiment. Another most significant component they have added to their business is the ambience of their cafes. The Chaayos bistro addresses the “Chai way of life”.

Why is Chai Sutta bar famous?

The brand which hails from Madhya Pradesh believes in expanding across all the tiers of the country and wants to give the feeling of having a sip of Chai at the nukkad. With the name, Chai Sutta Bar, the brand aims to provide the same cutting Chai with the luxury of ambience clubbed with taste.

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How many Chaayos outlets are there in India?

Number of Chaayos stores in India 2012-2018. The number of Chaayos stores across the country in 2018 was about 52, up from around 37 stores in the previous year. Chaayos is an Indian tea cafe chain that provides take away, dine in and delivery options of tea.

What is the story of Chai Chaayos?

Chaayos was started by Nitin to solve a pain point that he personally faced. Chai (Tea) had always been a crucial part of his life. But he could never find a place in India that could offer ‘meri wali chai’ (my type of tea). Yes, there were many roadside tea-stalls but there were no organized chains in this space.

What is the interior design of Chaayos?

Since, Chaayos represents the “Chai way of life”, the interior design of their outlets relate to the very core concept of tea – lamps made of cutting Chai glasses, Kettles, Chai samples in taste tubes, and a lot more….

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What is the Chaayos Cafe?

The Chaayos café represents the “ Chai way of life ”. The interior design of the café is as such that it relates the very core concept of tea; lamps made of cutting Chai glasses, kettles and Chai samples in taste tubes that show the experimental nature of the firm.

What makes Chaayos different from other tea brands?

But in Chaayos, customers can get 25 variety of tea and those can be customized in 12000 different ways! “Experiments with Tea” – this is the tagline of Chaayos. The versatility of tea with a wide range of flavors this is what their brand believes in.