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Where is Rivella made?

Where is Rivella made?

The Rivella factory is located in the Swiss canton of Aargau: Rivella was first made in Stäfa, near Zurich, but the company moved its factory to Rothrist in 1954, where it remains today.

What is Rivella in Switzerland?

The name Rivella was inspired by the municipality of Riva San Vitale in Canton Ticino and the Italian word for “revelation”, rivelazione. In 1977 Rivella began sponsoring the Swiss National Ski team. In 2017 they celebrated 40 years of partnership in St.

Is Rivella Swiss?

Rivella is Switzerland’s favourite soft drink and has been part of our country’s landscape since 1952. With its unique taste, Rivella is synonymous with moments of refreshment and the unique lifestyle of active Switzerland.

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Can you buy Rivella in the UK?

Re: Can I buy Rivella in England? Yes, it seems you can buy it here.

Is Rivella good?

It is a cult healthy soda drink that perfectly accompanies lunches, picnics, physical activities, and even lazy days at home. With its low-calorie count, the fizzy, non-alcoholic Rivella Blue is a healthy alternative to other soda drinks.

Is Rivella sold in the USA?

Rivella, the quintessentially Swiss soft drink, is being pulled from the United States’ market at the end of the year after a disappointing performance.

Is Rivella good for you?

Healthy soft drinks like Rivella Blue can even help to lower your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Consequently, drinking Rivella while practicing a healthy lifestyle will get you faster results and multiple health benefits.

What is Rivella blue?

Rivella Blue is one of the first soft drinks because of its unique, refreshing taste. With it not only that you will enjoy moments of refreshment, but also thanks to its few calories, this light drink can help your an active lifestyle. Rivella Blue Original 500ml quantity. Category: Soft drink Brand: Rivella.

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What flavor is Rivella?

The Rivella Red has a rather herbal, gingery flavor and you would never guess it contains lactose. If you are craving some variety, try the tropical mango, green tea, and sugar-free blue Rivella.

How does Rivella taste?

Yes, there is one caveat to Rivella: It contains 35 percent milk whey. In other words, a cow was somehow involved in giving Rivella that distinct, gingery taste. Most Swiss kids never learn this fact until they are already hooked.

What is the most popular soft drink in Switzerland?

Rivella is rightfully called the Swiss national drink, with a market share of around 15\%, second only to Coca Cola.