What was the population of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

What was the population of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

By 1700, the Empire’s population had grown to 11 million, and by 1800 there were 24 million. By 1900 there were 46 million residents of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including 6 million in what would be modern Austria.

Which group was the largest ethnic minority in the Austrian Empire?

Some of the most populous Austrian ethnic groups are looked at below….What Ethnicity Are Most Austrians?

Rank Self-Identified Ethnic Group Population in Contemporary Austria
1 Ethnic Austrians 7.8 Million
2 Turks 350,000
3 Germans 236,000
4 Serbs 192,000

Was the Austrian empire diverse?

The Austrian Empire was a multi-national and linguistically diverse Monarchy. At least 17 nations and minority groups were represented in it. In 1868 according to individual languages most people spoke German (25.2\%) followed by the Czech, Hungarian and Romanian, among other national languages spoken in the Monarchy.

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How many ethnic groups make up the Austrian Hungary before WWI?

Eleven major ethno-language groups were scattered across the empire: Germans, Hungarians, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovak, Slovene, Croatians, Serbs, Italians and Romanians. Like Germany, the Austro-Hungarian empire was a new state comprised old peoples and cultures.

How many ethnicities were in Austria-Hungary?

The statistical survey of the Common Army divided officers and soldiers into eleven nations: Germans, Hungarians, Czechs and Moravians, Slovaks, Poles, Ruthenes, Slovenes, Serbs and Croats, Bulgarians, Romanians, and Italians.

Is Austro-Hungarian an ethnicity?

In the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania), the census was based primarily on mother tongue, 48.1\% of the total population spoke Hungarian as their native language….Languages.

Language Number \%
German 12,006,521 23.36
Hungarian 10,056,315 19.57
Czech 6,442,133 12.54
Serbo-Croatian 5,621,797 10.94

How many countries were in the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

It comprises present Hungary as well as parts of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Poland and Slovakia. The Kingdom was divided in the 19th century into 63 different provinces.