What should I write in identification marks?

What should I write in identification marks?

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  2. Management and Business Administration.

What is identification mark?

identification mark in British English (aɪˌdɛntɪfɪˈkeɪʃən mɑːk) any sign or other indication that serves to identify someone or something. stamping bicycles with identification marks.

What is candidate visible identification mark?

Column 8 – VISIBLE IDENTIFICATION MARK: Any visible identification mark (e.g. a black mole on. left side of face / a cut mark above right eye) of the candidate is to be written. 12. Column 9 – E-MAIL: E-mail ID of the candidate should be written in block capital letters for e-mail. correspondence with the candidate.

What is identification mark meaning in Hindi?

IDENTIFICATION MARK= पहचान चिन्ह [pr. {pahachan chinh} ](noun)

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What are the different types of identification marks?

These include features such as birthmarks, moles, body piercings, tattoos, and scars. Body marks can be characteristic of an individual and can be used to support an identification , in conjunction with medical or police records and with identification given by family members.

What are the types of identification marks?

What is an example of identify?

Identify is defined as to put oneself in another’s place or sympathize with someone. An example of identify is a woman watching a movie and feeling the pain felt by a woman character in the movie. Identify means to determine who or what someone or something is.

What is identification mark in Aadhar card?

UIDAI is the nodal body responsible for rolling out Aadhaar, the 12-digit unique identification number that identifies residents based on biometrics.

What are visible identification marks on Indian visa?

A question asked on the India visa application is whether or not the applicant has any visible identification marks. This question is referring to things such as tattoos or visible scars. If you do not have any visible identification marks, simply answer this question “N/A”.

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What is citizenship national ID NO?

Re: citizenship/national id no. Help confused. 3 years ago. Hi, just put NA. It means an identity card which your Country does not have as far as I know.