What salient means?

What salient means?

1 : moving by leaps or springs : jumping. 2 : jetting upward a salient fountain. 3a : projecting beyond a line, surface, or level. b : standing out conspicuously : prominent especially : of notable significance similar to …

What are examples of salient?

The definition of salient is something that is very noticeable, jumps or is prominent. An example of salient is a large dark mole on someone’s forehead. An example of salient is a key point in a proposal. Pointing outward; jutting or projecting, as an angle.

What does it mean to make something salient?

If something stands out in a very obvious way, it can be called salient. A salient angle juts outward rather than inward. Figuratively, it means noticeable or prominent. When giving an argument, make your most salient points at the beginning or the end.

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Who is a salient person?

Salience Definition The term salient refers to anything (person, behavior, trait, etc.) that is prominent, conspicuous, or otherwise noticeable compared with its surroundings. Salience is usually produced by novelty or unexpectedness, but can also be brought about by shifting one’s attention to that feature.

How do you use the word salient?

Salient in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When I look at the house for sale, salient defects such as the broken windows stare back at me.
  2. The salient feature on Johnny’s face is his huge nose.
  3. As Janet debated which car to buy, she realized price was the most salient factor in her decision.

What is the meaning of salient aspects?

The salient facts about something or qualities of something are the most important things about them: She began to summarize the salient features/points of the proposal. The article presented the salient facts of the dispute clearly and concisely. Very important or urgent.

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What is a salient characteristic?

Salient characteristics means those qualities of an item that are essential to ensure that the intended use of the item can be satisfactorily realized. Salient characteristics means those qualities of an item that are essential to ensure that the intended use of the item can be satisfactorily realized.

What part of speech is salient?


part of speech: adjective
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an angle or part that projects or protrudes. synonyms: bulge, jut, projection, prominence, protrusion, salience
definition 2: the section of a battle line that projects toward the enemy.
derivation: saliently (adv.)

What is a salient event?

Salient events are an attentional mechanism by which organisms learn and survive; those organisms can focus their limited perceptual and cognitive resources on the pertinent (that is, salient) subset of the sensory data available to them. Saliency typically arises from contrasts between items and their neighborhood.

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What does salient mean in military terms?

A salient, also known as a bulge, is a battlefield feature that projects into enemy territory. The opponent’s front line that borders a salient is referred to as a re-entrant – that is, an angle pointing inwards.

What are synonyms salient?

Some common synonyms of salient are conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, and striking. While all these words mean “attracting notice or attention,” salient applies to something of significance that merits the attention given it.

What does emotionally salient mean?

Emotional salience, defined by the valence (negative to positive) and arousal (calming to arousing) of an experience, is a biologically adaptive cue that can influence how an event is remembered and possibly how it is integrated in memory.