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What is the world deepest underground laboratory?

What is the world deepest underground laboratory?

China Jinping Underground Laboratory
SNOLAB is the world’s deepest underground laboratory, tied with the China Jinping Underground Laboratory since 2011.

How deep is Sanford Underground Research Facility?

1,490 meters
At 1,490 meters, SURF is the deepest underground laboratory in the U.S. For experiments on the 4850 Level, the average rock overburden is approximately 4,300 meters water equivalent (m.w.e.). This depth provides significant protection from cosmic radiation from the sun for sensitive particle physics experiments.

Where is Sanford Underground Research Facility?

Lead, South Dakota
The dedicated underground scientific research facility is located in Lead, South Dakota, at the former site of the Homestake Gold Mine.

When was the Sanford Underground Research Facility started?

These developments culminated with the creation of the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in 2007. After an extensive dewatering process, the 4850 Level of SURF was dedicated in 2009. Dignitaries from around the country, including then-South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds and T. Denny Sanford attended the event.

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Who gave neutrinos their name?

The name (the Italian equivalent of “little neutral one”) was jokingly coined by Edoardo Amaldi during a conversation with Fermi at the Institute of Physics of via Panisperna in Rome, in order to distinguish this light neutral particle from Chadwick’s heavy neutron.

Where is the deepest underground facility?

CJPL is located under a mountain – with about 2400 m of rock cover – in China’s south-western Sichuan province. Completed in 2010, it is currently the deepest underground lab in the world, and hosts two dark-matter experiments: CDEX and PandaX.

What is mined in Lead SD?

The Homestake Mine was a deep underground gold mine (8,000 feet or 2,438 m) located in Lead, South Dakota. The mine produced more than forty million troy ounces (43,900,000 oz; 1,240,000 kg) of gold during its lifetime.

What is underground research?

Underground science and engineering research covers all current or future work related to underground research and technology. This includes research that can answer fundamental questions in physics, geology, geological engineering, and biology and that can be addressed best in an underground environment.