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What is the red stuff that fire planes drop?

What is the red stuff that fire planes drop?

The red stuff dropped out of planes during fires? Here’s what to know: It’s fire retardant, used in preemptive strikes to keep flames from spreading. Phos-Chek is by far the dominant brand and is used around homes and under fireworks displays as well as in fighting wildfires.

How long does it take to drop the entire load of fire retardant?

The retardant is gravity-fed out of the tanks, and the entire load can be dumped in eight seconds, although the actual drop rate is computer controlled by the flight crew in order to produce the desired retardant spread over the fire lines.

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What is the speed of a plane making a drop of fire retardant materials?

approximately 140 kts
Using the pressurized system, the aircraft can deliver retardant to the scene of a fire while flying at a height of 400 to 800 ft, at approximately 140 kts, configured as if it were on approach for landing.

How much water can a fire fighting plane carry?

It can carry up to 12,000 US gallons (45,400 l) of fire fighting retardant.

What is the orange stuff they drop on fires?

But what exactly is that orange stuff? We found out for you. It’s called FireIce, and it’s a fire suppressant and short-term flame retardant. Basically, the product thickens water to form a gel that helps kill flames faster, said Matt Struzziero, vice president of GelTech Solutions Inc., which makes FireIce.

How many super scoopers are there?

Super Scooper is a nickname given to certain amphibious firefighting aircraft built by Canadair, now Bombardier. The family of three aircraft known as “Super Scoopers” are the Canadair CL-215, the CL-215T and the Bombardier 415 turboprop.

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What is a dc10 retardant drop?

Each carries nearly 12,000 US gallons (45,000 litres) of water or fire retardant in an exterior belly-mounted tank, the contents of which can be released in eight seconds. …

Do fire planes fly at night?

The night aerial firefighting that does occur in the state is focused on rotary-wing aircraft operated by fire agencies in several counties of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura and Kern.

How long does it take to fill an air tanker?

The 747 supertanker takes around 30 minutes to fill on the ground, longer than some other tankers and much more than the few minutes needed for the S2-T Cal Fire tankers. But the line of retardant that can be delivered to the ground in one run is significantly more effective than that of other tankers.

How does a firefighting plane pick up water?

Sheehy: The way the aircraft picks up water, as it does not stop or suck it up, there’s no vacuum, it scoops it. And it scoops it through what you see here, two probes on either side of the keel of the aircraft, about the size of your hands put together, and as soon as you hit the water, they catch.