What is the name of CH3 2C C CH3 2?

What is the name of CH3 2C C CH3 2?

tetramethylethylene, 2

NAME: tetramethylethylene, 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene
CAS RN: 563-79-1

How do you find the empirical formula of an organic compound?

Following steps to be followed to find the empirical formula of an organic compound:

  1. Start with the number of grams of each element, given in the problem.
  2. Convert the mass of each element to moles using the molar mass from the periodic table.
  3. Divide each mole value by the smallest number of moles calculated.

What is the name of compound CH3?


PubChem CID 881
Molecular Formula CH3-
Synonyms Methanide carbide(1-) Methyl carbanion 15194-58-8 methane, ion(1-) More…
Molecular Weight 15.035
Parent Compound CID 297 (Methane)
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What is CH3 2C?

isobutene, 2-methylpropene. FORMULA: (CH3)2C=CH2.

What is the Iupac name of CH3 3cch2c CH3 3?

Name IUPAC Official Name
A Unnilunium i
B Unniltrium ii
C Unnilhexium iii
D Unununnium iv

What is CH3 2C CH2?

What compound is CH CH3?

Classification of Alcohols

Condensed Structural Formula Class of Alcohol Common Name
CH3OH methyl alcohol
CH3CH2OH primary ethyl alcohol
CH3CH2CH2OH primary propyl alcohol
(CH3)2CHOH secondary isopropyl alcohol

What is the name of this compound CH3 CH CH CH3?