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What is the name of CH2 CH2 Oh?

What is the name of CH2 CH2 Oh?

ethanol acid is the iupac name of this compound.

What is the IUPAC name of CH2 Oh?


Synonyms Sources
Ethylene glycol KEGG COMPOUND
ethylene glycol UniProt

What is the IUPAC name of the compound ch3 CH2 CH2 Oh?

The numbering of carbon atoms starts from the carbon which is attached to the hydroxyl functional group so that the functional group gets the lowest number. The alkane chain is written followed by –ol as suffix. Thus the IUPAC name of the given compound is propan-\[1\]-ol, i.e. option B is the correct answer.

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What is CH2 CH2 IUPAC name?


What is the Iupac name of CH3 CH2 CH2 I?

The IUPAC name of CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 is iso butene or 1- butene.

What is the Iupac name of CH2 Oh ch2ch2ch2oh?

So, the name will be ethanediol.

What is the formula for CH3?

The molar formula of a compound can be obtained from the given molar mass and the empirical formula of the compound. In this case, the molar mass is 30.08 grams and the empirical formula is CH3. The molecular mass of CH3 is 15.04 grams. We divide the molar mass to 15.04, the answer is 2.

What is the functional group of CH2?

Yes NH2 is a functional group. Called “Amino group”. Hydrocarbons containing NH2 as functional group belongs to Class “Amines”.Actually NH3 called Ammonia attached by an Hydrocarbon group is by removing Hydrogen on Nitrogen i,e R-NH2.

What is the chemical name for CH2?

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Methylene may refer to: Methylene (compound) (CH2), an organic compound. Methylene group (=CH2), a part of a molecule connected to another atom by a double bond. Methylene bridge (-CH2-), with the carbon connected to two distinct atoms.

How to find IUPAC names?

To display the alcohol group present, remove the en at the end of the corresponding alkane name and add ol. propen – en + ol = propanol. Thus, IUPAC name of this compound is obtained by writing the number of carbon atoms that carry the alcohol group by applying a hyphen before the name obtained.