What is the meaning of blue child?

What is the meaning of blue child?

Blue baby: A baby who is cyanotic (blue), due usually to a heart malformation that prevents the baby’s blood from being fully oxygenated. The bluish color reflects the deoxygenated state of the blood.

What is an Indigo Girl?

Indigo children are a new generation of gifted children blessed with supernatural abilities. They are more empathetic beings than previous generations and are drawn to expressing themselves through their creativity. Indigo children are sensitive, curious, independent, open-minded and artistic.

Is there a difference between kid and child?

A kid is any child, either a boy or girl or a baby goat. It’s slang but in common usage. A child is a person, male or female, usually under ten, but it’s flexible too.

Who is Nancy Ann Tappe?

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Who was Nancy Tappe? Nancy Ann Tappe (1931-2012) was an internationally-acknowledged synesthete who developed her own synesthetic perceptions into a formalized, structured system of information.

Why are some babies born blue?

When a baby is born blue, this is a sign that there is an abnormally low amount of oxygen in his or her blood. The condition is commonly called blue baby syndrome and may be the result of a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) or a condition known as infant methemoglobinemia.

What is a blue baby called?

Infant methemoglobinemia is also called “blue baby syndrome.” It is a condition where a baby’s skin turns blue. This happens when there is not enough oxygen in the blood.

Is the book The Indigo Girl based on a true story?

With her new novel, The Indigo Girl, bestselling author Natasha Boyd draws from the true story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney for a story of ambition, betrayal and sacrifice—and at its core, the secret process of making indigo dye.

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What do you call a boy child?

cub, lad, laddie, sonny, sonny boy. a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy) catamite. a boy who submits to a sexual relationship with a man.

Do blue babies survive?

Studies show that the long-term survival of “blue babies” and other patients with congenital heart defects is reasonably good. Over 90 percent of the patients are alive 20 years after the first conduit operation, while the mortality rate within 30 days after the operation is less than 1 percent, reoperations included.