What is the best way to land if you fall from a height?

What is the best way to land if you fall from a height?

No matter what height you fall from, you should always try to land on your feet. Landing feet-first concentrates the impact force on a small area, allowing your feet and legs to absorb the worst of the blow. If you are in any other position, try to right yourself before you hit the ground.

What to do if you are falling off a cliff?

Bend your knees (but not too much) and hold your legs together. This way both of your legs will touch the ground simultaneously, and the impact will be weaker. Additionally, try to land on the tips of your toes to absorb the force of the impact. You will most likely break your legs, but this is the lesser of two evils.

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Can you survive a fall if you land on someone?

Landing on your side might be the best way to survive a fall, Hughes said. It doesn’t take much of a fall to cause damage. “From a height of 3 meters (roughly 10 feet) you could fracture your spine,” Hughes said. “At around 10 meters (about 30 feet), you’re looking at very serious injuries.”

Can you survive a fall from a cliff?

How To Survive A Fall From High Up. Falling from a height is terrifying and it can be lethal. Still, some people manage to survive extreme falls, from skidding off the edge of a cliff, to tumbling from the roof of your house.

How do you survive a fall without a parachute?

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How do you land when falling?

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How do you make sure you land on your head?

Make sure you prioritize protecting your head as you fall by properly positioning it.

  1. Tuck your your chin down, lowering your head.
  2. If falling down, face first, turn your head to the side.
  3. Bring your arms up to head level for additional protection.