What is rekka?

What is rekka?

Rekkaken is the very first special special attack in the Street Fighter games (as well as one of the first in fighting games) to have multiple hits via repeatable input, classifying it as a multi-input attack.

What does OTG mean in fighting games?

OTG means off/on the ground. OTG combo’s are combo’s which you continue after the opponent has landed on the ground.

What is a mixup in fighting games?

Mixups occur when an attacking player forces a defending player into a situation where they risk getting opened up to an attack.

What is a vortex in fighting games?

The “Vortex” is a term used in Street Fighter 4 to describe having a number of different attack options after landing an untechable knockdown.

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What does neutral mean in fighting games?

Neutral is the phase of the game where both players are free to move, attack, and defend. In a classic Street Fighter-style fighting game, footsies are a core skill for winning in neutral.

What is a Restand?

A Restand is a mechanic where the hit character is changed from a Juggle state to a standing one.

What is HP in fighting games?

Hit points However, this approach had one drawback: according to the rules of Chainmail, the player rolls the dice during each battle, and depending on the number rolled, the character either kills the enemy or is killed.

What is Footsies fighting?

The term “footsies” was coined by the fighting game community in reference to “the mid-range ground-based aspect of fighting game strategy.” The word was likely chosen due to its similarity to a common strategy in fighting games whereby a player moves in and out of their opponent’s striking range, uses fast, weak moves …

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What does meaty mean in fighting games?

Meaty is when you hit the opponent during the last few active frames of your move. They’re typically performed when the opponent wakes up.