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What is Kulhad chai?

What is Kulhad chai?

A kulhad is a traditional clay cup, without any handles. It is very plain in its form. It is unpainted, unadorned and simple in design. And it is made, like all earthenware, by firing in kiln. So, when you pour hot tea into a kulhad, a bit of the tea soaks into the clay and the two flavours intermingle.

Is it good to use Kulhad instead of disposable glass?

These earthen cups, known as kulhars in Hindi, are essentially from India and Pakistan. However, using these kulhars is better than using plastic or glass containers for many reasons. For one, these are disposable and you need not worry about germs and infections while using one. Secondly, earthen kulhars are unglazed.

How is Kulhad made?

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Kulhads are made by shaping moist clay into small vessels and then firing these in coal-based kilns to make the vessels ‘pukka’ — strong and waterproof. But this technology cannot produce cups durable enough to be washed and used repeatedly.

When was Chai Sutta Bar founded?

It was in 2016 that my friend Anubhav and I decided to start a business with a mere amount of 3 lakhs knowing very well that this amount can lead us to Chai business only. And that’s how, Chai Sutta Bar was born!

When was Chai Sutta Bar started?

July 2016
With ₹2 lakh investment from his friends, in July 2016 he started Chai Sutta Bar (CSB) in Indore. Today, about 200 outlets of CSB (195 run by franchisees) operate in nearly 60 cities in India, and in Dubai and Muscat, sell nearly 3 lakh cups of tea every day.

Can I reuse Kulhad?

Kulhads cannot be reused, so you won’t have to worry about the lingering of germs or bacteria. 5. They are also inherently hygienic, considering they are made by firing kiln.

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How many kulhads does Chai Sutta bar sell per day?

The Interesting fact about their cafe is that in their initial days they were able to sell 4000-5000 Kulhads every day and now they are standing at the mark of 80,000+ sales per day. Chai Sutta Bar doesn’t want to confine itself not only in India, but they also want to spread the Indian flavor of their Kulhad across the border.

Why choose kulhad Chai?

Our Kulhad Chai not only provides an aromatic taste to its customers but also has been a symbol of happiness & a ray of hope for the needy. The Kulhad besides serving flavorful Chai has also been providing employment opportunities to the people of the country thus promoting an eco-friendly environment.

What is Chai Sutta bar franchise?

Chai is in the Heart of Indians and we all must have a Chai Story. In this post, I am Presenting to you the Chai Sutta Bar franchise opportunity. As the name suggests, it is based on ‘chai cafe’ (but doesn’t promote any smoking substance.) Now, Let just figured out why this franchise is what you need to get optimum benefit of your investment.

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Is Delhi addicted to Chai Sutta?

Chai Sutta Bar in Nehru Place has come to Delhi’s rescue just in time. The whole world knows Delhi is addicted to chai, sutta and gap. Winter only plays ton our tendencies even further. Dilli ki sardi calls for bonfire and tea, it’s just what we do.