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What is ingredient brand in marketing?

What is ingredient brand in marketing?

Ingredient Branding is a marketing strategy where a component or an ingredient of a product or service is pulled into the spotlight and given it’s own identity. To connect with consumers brands need to create visible value, and by adding a branded ingredient, they can clearly show additional value.

What is ingredient branding with example?

An ingredient brand is not sold directly to the end consumer. It is a component of a complete product that is available to consumers on the market. Some of the most successful examples are Gore-Tex® for clothing and shoes and Intel for computers.

Why is ingredient branding important?

Ingredient Branding highlights a specific component or brand attribute to enhance a product or a service. The Ingredient Brand can create awareness, differentiation and preference for the final product in the down-stream value chain.

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What are the requirements for successful ingredient branding?

Principal #1: It’s a Lot Like Building a Brand from Scratch

  • The ingredient brand must reflect a compelling and profitable business strategy that leverages the strengths of the organization.
  • The end-customer must understand the functional benefits of the brand before deeper, more emotional associations are created.

What branded ingredients?

A “Branded” ingredient means that the ingredient has been given a brand name by its manufacturer. (This is shown well in the CarnoSyn® example.) Branded ingredients in dietary supplements are often also called Patented or Trademarked ingredients.

What is another word for ingredients?


  • building block,
  • component,
  • constituent,
  • element,
  • factor,
  • member.

What are ingredients give some examples?

An ingredient is a substance that forms a part of a mixture. example- to make a cake ingredients needed are flour, milk, sugar, essence etc.