What is Ayano aishi personality?

What is Ayano aishi personality?

On the outside, Ayano is an average girl who has become bored with life. She feigns a flawless, friendly personality at school to cover her emotionless state of mind and hide her coldly indifferent and manipulative personality.

What is Yandere Chan’s personality?

Personality and traits She suffers from a fictional type of insanity. Her behaviour does not perfectly match the definition of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she is capable of actions that only a psychopath would consider taking.

Does Yandere Chan have a brother?

Ayano is called “Miss Insane Emo” by Tsukiko Mori. Ayano has a twin brother, Ayato.

What is info-Chan’s real name?

Kanashi Urabanashi
Info-Chan’s real name is Kanashi Urabanashi.

Does Info-Chan hate Ayano?

Ayano and Info-chan have a purely client/provider relationship, not a friendship. In the second intro, Info-chan sees Ayano as just a stalker who could help her get rid of Osana, while Ayano thinks that Info-chan is disgusting.

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Does Info Chan like Ayano?

Does Senpai like Ayano?

Taro Yamada (a.k.a Senpai) is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator, one of the male students who currently attends Akademi, and the main protagonist of the spin off game Yandere no Sutoka.

Is Info Chan a rival?

Info-chan was originally going to be the main antagonist of Story Mode and would have ended up being Ayano’s final rival, but this idea was later scrapped for an unknown reason. According to YandereDev, explaining why this change was made would be a spoiler.

Who is Senpai’s sister?

“Hanako is Senpai’s younger sister. She loves her big brother more than anything in the world and depends on him for almost everything. She is very possessive of him and becomes upset when he won’t spend time with her.