What is Abhaya case verdict?

What is Abhaya case verdict?

Sister Abhaya was found dead in the well of the St Pius Convent, Kottayam, on March 27, 1992. Last month the CBI Special Court had convicted the two accused for murder and awarded them life imprisonment and penalty.

Why Abhaya was killed?

According to the case built by the CBI, the two killed the young nun after she saw them in a compromising position in the early hours of 27 March. The affair constituted a violation of the vow of celibacy that binds the clergy in some Christian orders, and the convicts killed Abhaya for fear of being exposed.

Who killed Sundari Amma?

Police initially suspected migrant labourers living in the region for the crime but the investigation team has now concluded that it was committed by a single person. The police team, headed by Kasaba CI P Pramod, is still in the dark after interrogating over 400 people.

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Who is Adakka Raju?

Adakka Raju became the prominent witness for the CBI in cracking the case. A thief who committed several thefts met with the CBI, 16 years after the murder. Adakka Raju, who had come to steal at Pius X convent, the same night Abhaya was murdered turned to be the crucial witness in the case for the CBI.

Who is Sister sephy?

KOCHI: Sister Sephy, who was sentenced to life term in Sister Abhaya murder case, has challenged her conviction before the Kerala high court. Through the appeal, Sister Sephy has raised a five-point challenge against the verdict of a CBI special court at Thiruvananthapuram last month.

What is walayar sisters case?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken over the sensational Walayar case, in which two minor sisters of a Dalit family had been found hanging in their home in mysterious circumstances on different dates in 2017. The CBI will investigate the case afresh.

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Is Abhaya case solved?

The Crime Branch concluded that Abhaya had committed suicide. According to the post mortem report, she had died from drowning. Though there were allegations that the Crime Branch had procured the evidence in the case from the court and destroyed it, this was subsequently disproved by the CBI.

Who is Sundari Amma?

Sundariamma, who was living alone in one of the four row houses at Chirakkal Lane, used to make a living by selling homemade snacks, idlis, and dosas to small hotels. She supplied idlis to the hotel where Jabber worked. The Panniyankara police initially investigated the case.

What is Abhaya case Malayalam?

Occupation. Nun. Sister Abhaya (born Beena Thomas; 1973 –27 March 1992), a Knanaya Catholic sister, was found dead in a water well in St Pius X Convent in Kottayam on 27 March 1992. Investigation into this death is by far the longest running murder investigation in the State of Kerala. Abhaya was a member of St.

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Who is the witness of Abhaya case?

September 19, 2019: CBI produces Thresiama George, a retired professor, who had taught Abhaya at the college, as a witness. She raises serious charges against main accused Thomas Kottoor. December 21, 2020: CBI special Court finds the priest and the nun guilty.

Where is Thomas kottoor now?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Fr Thomas Kottoor and Sister Sephy, the convicts in the Sister Abhaya murder case, are currently in jail, the state government informed the High Court on Monday, October 4, 2021.

What happened to walayar?

The CBI formally took over the case on Thursday by registering two separate cases before the Judicial First Class Magistrate at Alathur, who is in charge of POCSO court here. The cases will be transferred to the POCSO court here when the POCSO judge S. Muraleekrishna returns from leave after a week.