What instruments use the clef?

What instruments use the clef?

Instruments that use the treble clef include violin, flute, oboe, cor anglais, all clarinets, all saxophones, horn, trumpet, cornet, vibraphone, xylophone, mandolin, recorder, bagpipe and guitar.

Can violin play bass clef?

The violin plays in only one clef, called treble clef. From left to right: Alto clef (viola), Bass clef (cello, bass, etc.), and Treble clef (violin, etc.).

What instruments use percussion clef?

For example, the instruments in the drum set, kick drums, snare drum, tom-toms, and cymbals, or hand percussion instruments, like the shaker, tambourine, or congas. Unpitched instruments use a special clef, called the neutral clef.

How many instruments use the treble clef?

Treble clef — G-clef [2nd line] Instruments using this clef: violin, piano, guitar, harpsichord, trumpet, horn, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone…

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What clef do drums use?

percussion clef
Drum notation is also unique because the lines and spaces of the staff do not represent pitches; they represent drums. This is indicated by using a neutral clef, also called a percussion clef.

What clef is tuba?

bass clef
Most music for the tuba is written in bass clef in concert pitch, so tuba players must know the correct fingerings for their specific instruments.

What clef is violin?

The violin is played in the Treble Clef. The violin is known as the ‘soprano voice’ and is the highest instrument in the string family. The viola uses the Alto Clef, or C Clef. One fantastic thing about the viola is that it is the only instrument to use that clef for notation.

What band instruments read music written in treble clef?

Among the instruments that use the treble clef are the violin, flute, oboe, bagpipe, cor anglais, all clarinets, all saxophones, horn, trumpet, cornet, vibraphone, xylophone, mandolin, and recorder.

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What is af clef?

Also known as the bass clef, the F clef is used to indicate pitches below middle C. The pitch “f” is indicated by placing a note on the 4th line. Originally the clef designation of “F” came about through the use of the letter “F” at the end of the staff to indicate the position of the pitch “f”.

What clef is snare drum?

NEUTRAL CLEF: It’s called a neutral clef, and looks like this: With the neutral clef, no pitches are indicated, because this clef is used by instruments that produce no specific pitch: snare drum, bass drum, tom toms, etc.