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What happens if you eat chocolate before bed?

What happens if you eat chocolate before bed?

1. Chocolate. High levels of caffeine in chocolate make it a poor choice for late-night snacking. During the latter stages of sleep, caffeine consumption can cause rapid eye movement (REM) to occur more frequently, which is why you’re more likely to feel groggy the morning after the night before.

What is the best time of day to eat dark chocolate?

Bottom Line: Eat a small amount of chocolate in the morning by itself to lower blood sugar and burn fat, but make it dark chocolate.

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Why is dark chocolate good for you before bed?

Milk contains tryptophan, which helps your body produce serotonin and melatonin — the sleepy hormones (Healthline). Chocolate also contains a few vitamins and minerals that can help regulate our sleep, such as calcium, magnesium, and theobromine.

Can dark chocolate affect sleep?

Theobromine, which increases heart rate and causes sleeplessness, is found in small amounts in chocolate, especially dark. The National Sleep Foundation recommends avoiding chocolate — as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks — before bedtime.

Does eating dark chocolate at night keep you awake?

Although chocolate does contain some caffeine, there probably isn’t enough to give you superhuman energy or keep you awake at night. However, even the strongest dark chocolates contain significantly less caffeine than a single cup of regular coffee.

Does dark chocolate affect sleep?

Can eating dark chocolate keep you awake at night?

Can eating dark chocolate before bed keep you awake?

How long before bed can I eat chocolate?

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Caffeinated and sugary drinks and food, including coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate, should be avoided several hours before bed. According to Joy Bauer, caffeine can activate the central nervous system and give your brain a restless night.

Does eating chocolate before bed make you fat?

Eating before bed doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight, but filling up on these calorie-dense foods before bed certainly can, and it’s best to limit them. If you have a sweet tooth, try some berries or a few squares of dark chocolate (unless the caffeine bothers you).