What happened to HINX in Spectre?

What happened to HINX in Spectre?

He was choked by a metal chain and then was dragged off a train, with the chain wrapped around his neck. Absent some lame adamantium nonsense, you don’t survive that. He was a bad character anyway.

Is Mr HINX an Oddjob?

Mr. Hinx bears various similarities to previous Bond henchmen Oddjob and Jaws: They all possess great physical strength, durability, and determination.

What does Mr HINX say in Spectre?

Hinx is a clear highlight of SPECTRE, and the character is drawing comparisons to another beloved Bond henchman: Goldfinger’s rotund bruiser Oddjob, who spoke mainly with his fists — he only says four variations of “Ah” — and was also played by an ex-wrestler, the late Harold Sakata.

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Is Jaws returning to James Bond?

Jaws was one of the most iconic James Bond henchmen who appeared in two 007 films. But despite his popularity, Jaws didn’t return for a third time.

Who is the tough guy in Spectre?

Dave Bautista
The train fight in Spectre is one of the best fights in the entire James Bond franchise. It’s claustrophobic, and the intimidating Dave Bautista throws Daniel Craig around like he’s a ragdoll. The film itself may be the most underrated Craig-led 007 movie, and it is definitely worth rewatching ahead of No Time To Die.

What was Oddjobs hat made of?

James Bond: Oddjob’s lethal steel-rimmed hat from Goldfinger valued at £30,000. Hitman Oddjob famously used the steel-rimmed bowler to kill in 1964 film Goldfinger, Sean Connery’s third outing as James Bond.

Was jaws in Spectre?

In the 2015 Bond movie Spectre, the henchman Mr Hinx (Dave Bautista) has similarities to Jaws, such as a massive build (though not an actual giant), immense strength and almost no dialogue. The film also features an actor who resembles the character Oddjob, another James Bond villain.

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How much was Dave Bautista paid for Spectre?

For his role as Mr Hinx in Spectre, Batista received a sum of $1 million.