What happened Tekken 4?

What happened Tekken 4?

The game’s story reveals that Kazuya has been revived following his death 20 years prior and enters the King of Iron First Tournament 4 to take back the Mishima Zaibatsu….Tekken 4.

Producer(s) Hajime Nakatani
Programmer(s) Yoshihito Saito Junichi Sakai Kenji Ozaki
Artist(s) Yoshinari Mizushima Takuji Kawano

Is Tekken story bad?

Some are even calling it the worst story in the series. its pretty weak and bad booking compared to the other tekken games main plot if you ask me. also fans should not even recognize Tekken 7 a canon tekken game if street fighter isnt canon in tekken but akuma and gokens fighting style is absolutely makes no sense.

What happened to Mokujin in Tekken?

Since Mokujin didn’t appear in Tekken 4, he was replaced by Combot, who also uses mimicry, due to a bug stuck in his systems.

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Who won King of Iron Fist 4?

Heihachi Mishima
Fourth Tournament – Heihachi Mishima (Three endings are partially canonical in Tekken 4, the first part of Heihachi’s, the middle part of Kazuya’s, and all of Jin’s. Heihachi is the winner of the fourth tournament, having beaten Kazuya in the final round. (The battle at Hon-Maru takes place outside the tournament).

How do you unlock Jin in Tekken 4?

During a match, press Select, then enter a combo to see its name. Successfully complete the game with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding fighter: Hwoarang to unlock Jin Kazama.

Is Lucky Chloe Japanese?

Harada stated that Lucky Chloe is not from Japan, though she is a fan of Japanese Pop culture. He also said that she is hiding a “big secret”. Lucky Chloe, like Lee/Violet, speaks both Japanese and English.

Is Mokujin Filipino?

The “First” Filipina Netizens cited that “Mokujin,” a character made up of wood, was the first Philippine pride given his “Filipino” nationality according to his character biography in Tekken Europe’s website.