What foods are taboo in your culture but are regularly eaten in other cultures?

What foods are taboo in your culture but are regularly eaten in other cultures?

Important examples of food avoidance are pork among Jews, Muslims and Ethiopian Christians; beef among Hindus, some Buddhists and Jains; chicken and eggs in some African communities; dog meat in the West; fish in Mongolia and other parts of central Asia; milk and milk products in Polynesia and parts of China.

What foods are taboo in Japan?

10 Foods Not to Serve at a Japanese Dinner Party

  • Coriander (Cilantro) Personally, I love coriander.
  • Blue Cheese. I guess I can’t blame them for this one seeing as it’s an acquired taste for all.
  • Rice Pudding. Rice is the staple Japanese food.
  • Spicy Food.
  • Overly Sugared Foods.
  • Brown Rice.
  • Deer Meat.
  • Hard Bread.

What religion doesn’t eat pork or beef?

Hindus don’t eat beef. They worship the animals. The Muslims don’t eat pork. The Buddhists are vegetarians and the Jains are strict vegans who won’t even touch root vegetables because of the damage it does to the plants.

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What is an example of a food taboo in Australia?

The eating of horse meat is a food taboo to most people in Australia, which could be because it is forbidden in the Christian religion, and its supply is sometimes even illegal.

What foods are forbidden in India?

Many Hindus are vegetarian and do not eat any kind of meat, including monkeys. Meat eating Indians also do not kill or eat monkeys. Killing and eating monkeys (or other animals which are considered wild) is a taboo and illegal in India.

What are the food taboos in Nigeria?

Example 3: Food taboos in Mid-West Nigeria In the mid-west state of Nigeria, meat and eggs are not usually given to children, because parents believe it will make the children steal [30]. Gizzards and thighs of ducks are eaten by the elderly; children can only have the lower legs or sometimes the head.