What explains the effects of gravity on space and time?

What explains the effects of gravity on space and time?

Gravitational effects are the result of spacetime curvature. Rather, mass warps space and time, and when an object travels in a straight line through a warped spacetime, the object seems to be acted on by a force. General Relativity does more than explain traditional gravitational attraction.

What do you notice about gravity in space?

Space Environment Gravity from Earth keeps the Moon and human-made satellites in orbit. It is true that gravity decreases with distance, so it is possible to be far away from a planet or star and feel less gravity. But that doesn’t account for the weightless feeling that astronauts experience in space.

Why does gravity curve spacetime?

Gravity is the curvature of spacetime Gravity is the curvature of the universe, caused by massive bodies, which determines the path that objects travel. That curvature is dynamical, moving as those objects move. In Einstein’s view of the world, gravity is the curvature of spacetime caused by massive objects.

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How does gravity affect the orbit of planets?

The sun’s gravity pulls the planet toward the sun, which changes the straight line of direction into a curve. This keeps the planet moving in an orbit around the sun. Because of the sun’s gravitational pull, all the planets in our solar system orbit around it.

Can you make gravity in space?

Dave: In space, it is possible to create “artificial gravity” by spinning your spacecraft or space station. Technically, rotation produces the same effect as gravity because it produces a force (called the centrifugal force) just like gravity produces a force.

What causes gravity in space?

With his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein explained how gravity is more than just a force: it is a curvature in the space-time continuum. That sounds like something straight out of science fiction, but simply put, the mass of an object causes the space around it to essentially bend and curve.

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What are three effects of gravity?

The Effects of Gravity in the Solar System

  • Creates Orbit. One of the most noticeable effects of gravity in the solar system is the orbit of the planets.
  • Tidal Heating. Just as the moon orbits the Earth, other planets have moons of their own.
  • Creating Stars.
  • Formation of Planets.
  • Causes Destruction.