What equipment is used in the operating room?

What equipment is used in the operating room?

Clinicians take advantage of our selection of surgical equipment including anesthesia machines, operating tables, operating room lights, patient monitors, electrosurgical generators, C-arm tables and machines, respiratory ventilators, microscopes, and more.

What are operation Theatre techniques?

Operating Theatre Techniques describes the principles and techniques of operating theater nursing that correlate with different teaching programs and varied practices. The subject is treated from a nurse’s view of the theater situation and of the job she has to perform.

What are the types of operation Theatre?


  • Modular OT. It’s the ultramodern and ultraclean OT matching all international sterility protocols and standards.
  • Orthopaedic OT. Here all surgeries related to orthopaedics, both trauma and chronic orthopaedic problems are performed.
  • General Surgery OT.
  • Head & Neck OT.
  • Endoscopy OT.
  • Emergency OT.
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What is inside an operating room?

The operating room lights are over the table to provide bright light, without shadows, during surgery. The anesthesia machine is at the head of the operating table. The pulse oximeter machine attaches to the patient’s finger with an elastic band aid. It measures how much oxygen is in the blood.

What are the three types of operating rooms?

Different Types of Operating Rooms: Hybrid, Integrated, Digital O.R. – Brainlab.

How do you assist an operation Theatre?

Starts here27:36Introduction to the Operating Theatre For Medical Students – YouTubeYouTube

What is modular operation Theatre?

Modular Operation theatre is a modern concept of operation theatre where all modern technology introduced to provide best possible surgical care to the patient. This covers OT table with laminar air flow, purifies air within the OT through AHU and HEPA filter. No Compromise on Quality Highly of surgical care.

What is general operation theatre?

Operation Theatre is that unit of the hospital where all the major and minor surgical procedures are performed. Operation theatre is a strictly prohibited area to maintain sterile aseptic conditions.

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What is the function of operation theatre complex?

Introduction. An operation theatre complex is the “heart” of any major surgical hospital. An operating theatre, operating room, surgery suite or a surgery centre is a room within a hospital within which surgical and other operations are carried out.

How do you assist in operation Theatre?