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What does Ender promise at the end?

What does Ender promise at the end?

Empathizing with the Queen, Ender promises to find her a home to grow where the humans would not annihilate the Buggers. To foster this eventual rebirth, Ender writes a book called The Hive Queen, which tells the story of the war from the Formic perspective.

Why was Ender isolated in Ender’s Game?

Graff had deliberately set him up to be separate from the other boys, made it impossible for him to be close to them. And he began now to suspect the reasons behind it. Graff had isolated Ender to make him struggle. To make him prove, not that he was competent, but that he was far better than everyone else.

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What does Ender value?

about $400 trillion
That means Ender is worth about $400 trillion.

How does Valentine bribe Peter?

How does Valentine bribe Peter? She devises a plan to keep Ender from Earth or Peter would have used him for his own means.

How does ender block out the pain of his isolation?

Ender is able to make friends, which the adults worried he might not be able to do. He ends his isolation and does so through brilliant psychological moves. Ender does it all by himself, however, and it appears that Graff is right, that on his own Ender can handle what is thrown at him.

Why are Ender’s parents ambiguous about his going to Battle School?

Why are Ender’s parents ambiguous (confused) about his going to Battle School? Ender’s parents are ambiguous because he is still their son and they still love him. she wasn’t chosen for Battle School was because she was too soft.

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Why does Graff ask valentine to write a letter to Ender?

Graff comes to talk to Valentine because he believes Ender needs help. He asks her what makes Ender different from Peter and also if Peter is really that bad a person. Graff wants her to help Ender and convinces her to write him a letter. Ender is happy that Valentine will always be with him.

How do adults manipulate Ender?

By Orson Scott Card. You can almost count the number of times that adults tell Ender the truth on the fingers of one hand. Much of this novel is about how adults manipulate Ender in order to fulfill their needs; they trick him and lie to him and tell him just enough so that he can defeat the buggers.