What do you call a German Shepherd dachshund mix?

What do you call a German Shepherd dachshund mix?

The German Shepherd Dachshund mixed pooch, also known as the Dachshund Shepherd, is a somewhat surprising designer dog, but one that works seemingly well. His size is a unique mix of two breeds, with the Dachshund being the smaller version and the GSD being a medium to large sized breed.

Can you breed a German Shepherd with a dachshund?

A German Shepherd Dachshund mix is a mixed breed of Dachshund and German Shepherd and has the characteristics and personality of both the parent breeds. They can look like both parents. A German Shepherd Dachshund mix is a small to medium-sized dog with a more sausage dog silhouette and short legs.

Do German Shepherd mixes make good pets?

Whether they’re short-haired German shepherds or long-haired, these canines make excellent guard dogs and usually get along very well with children. Throwing in a mix to this breed just strengthens and enhances these naturally appealing traits.

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How big does a dachshund mix get?

Dachshund Terrier mix dogs overview
Weight Up to 32 pounds
Height Up to 14 inches at the shoulders
Size Small and medium
Coat type Various, depending on the parents

What are dachshunds mixed with?

Top 13 Dachshund Mixes:

  • Docker (Daschund x Cocker Spaniel)
  • Dachsweiler (Dachshund x Rottweiler)
  • Papshund (Dachshund x Papillon)
  • Welshund (Dachshund x Welsh Terrier)
  • Dorgi (Dachshund x Welsh Corgi)
  • Dusky (Dachshund x Siberian Husky)
  • Toy Rat Doxie (Dachshund x Rat Terrier)
  • Dach Griffon (Dachshund x Brussels Griffon)

Do German Shepherd mixes shed?

My German Shepherd mix sheds like crazy. The German Shedder — I mean Shepherd — is among the worst. But shedding is normal, and you can’t stop it with a simple food addition. You can, however, reduce the flying fur by what I estimate is around 90 percent by using the three Cs: cut, collect and contain.