What are the benefits of TOGAF?

What are the benefits of TOGAF?

Indirect Benefits Enabled by Applying EA or TOGAF:

  • Reduced IT operating costs.
  • More efficient IT operation.
  • Increased portability of applications.
  • Improved interoperability.

How can you compare TOGAF and Zachman framework with reference to the methodology of developing the EA?

Choosing TOGAF or Zachman

  1. The TOGAF framework provides a systematic approach for defining the process of creating or improving an Enterprise Architecture.
  2. The Zachman Framework is more of an ontology—a structured set of expressions that describe how artifacts can be categorized, and thus created, operated, and changed.

What are the features of TOGAF?

The TOGAF content is divided into 7 parts:

  • Introduction.
  • Architecture Development Method.
  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques.
  • Architecture Content Framework.
  • Enterprise Continuum & Tools.
  • TOGAF Reference Models.
  • Architecture Capability Framework.
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What is TOGAF Zachman?

The Zachman Framework is not a methodology but rather a template describing how different abstract ideas are viewed from different perspectives. Zachman is focused on identifying the different viewpoints that might be relevant for different purposes while TOGAF is focused on the process of developing architectures.

What are Sabsa TOGAF and Zachman?

SABSA, being based on Zachman, organises a security architecture into a 6*6 matrix of views and aspects. The views roughly correspond to stages of a development lifecycle and the aspects correspond to security elements such as users or domains.

Which is better COBIT or TOGAF?

COBIT is a framework that is focused more on creating an enterprise-wide IT governance system that implements various controls for security. In contrast, TOGAF is used to create an information architecture for the company to incorporate business and IT goals in a streamlined fashion.

What is TOGAF?

The Open Group Architecture Framework
TOGAF is the acronym for The Open Group Architecture Framework and it was developed by The Open Group, a not-for-profit technology industry consortium that continues to update and reiterate the TOGAF.

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What is the difference between TOGAF framework and Zachman Framework?

What is TOGAF ADM?

The TOGAF ADM describes the process of moving from the TOGAF Foundation Architecture to an organization-specific architecture (or set of architectures), leveraging the elements of the TOGAF Foundation Architecture and other relevant architectural components and building blocks along the way.