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Was the doctor justified in The Use of Force?

Was the doctor justified in The Use of Force?

The use of force on a sick child by a doctor is not very justifiable, even if it is justifiable; the reason why it was done would not be ethical. The doctor explains that he used force on the child because he was saving her from her own idiocy; he was merely trying to save her life.

What is the point of The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams?

The story is rendered from the subjective point of view of the doctor and explores both his admiration for the child and disgust with the parents, and his guilty enjoyment of forcefully subduing the stubborn child in an attempt to acquire the throat sample.

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What is the central idea of the story The Use of Force?

The main themes in “The Use of Force” are necessary evils, power and control, and the limitations of consent. Necessary evils: The doctor rationalizes using force against Mathilda by convincing himself that it’s for her own good.

What is the nature of conflict in the short story The Use of Force?

In “The Use of Force,” the main conflict of the story is between the doctor and Mathilda Olson. The doctor wants to examine Mathilda to see if she has diphtheria, but Mathilda refuses to let him examine her.

How did the doctor feel in his struggle to examine the little girl?

8. How did the doctor feel in his struggle to examine the little girl? Ans:- The doctor was struck by the beauty of the little girl and developed great compassion for her. But he did not let his compassion for the little girl stop him from examining her throat.

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Why do you think Mathilda refuses to open her mouth when the doctor first asks?

A doctor is called to the Olson house to examine their young daughter, Mathilda. There has been a diphtheria outbreak at Mathilda’s school, and the doctor suspects that Mathilda has contracted the disease. Mathilda refuses to open her mouth for a throat swab. Mathilda does indeed have diphtheria.

What is the major conflict in The Use of Force?

“The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams shows the conflict between a doctor and his patient at one level and doctor and the parents at another level. The conflict between doctor and the patient is physical. But the conflict between doctor and parents is psychological.

Who is the narrator of the story The Use of Force?

Doctor. The doctor is the narrator of this story. His name is not given because he thinks very little about himself, instead focusing his thoughts on his reactions to the other characters.

What is the main conflict in The Use of Force?

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The main conflict in the short story “The Use of Force” is between a doctor and the young girl he is trying to examine.

Why did the doctor find the little girl usually attractive and parents contemptible?

Answer: The little girl was very attractive and beautiful. She had magnificent blonde hair and seemed like the children who appear in advertising leaflets and the photo sections of the Sunday newspaper. He found the parents ‘contemptible’ because they looked at him suspiciously.

What did the doctor discover The Use of Force?

10. What did the doctor discover? Ans:- When the doctor forced to open Mathilda’s mouth, he saw that both tonsils were covered with membrane.

Why was the little girl kept in the kitchen The Use of Force?

Ans:- The little girl was kept in the kitchen because the girl had fever and the kitchen was warm. 4. Ans:- The little girl stared at the doctor with no expression on her face. . 5.