Should I take regular or honors chemistry?

Should I take regular or honors chemistry?

Honors chemistry covers topics more deeply than general chemistry. General chemistry is aimed at the student who needs to take chemistry, while honors chemistry is aimed at the student who wants to take it. The attitude difference between the two makes a big difference in the feel of the class.

Is honors Chem hard?

But if you are consider taking honors chemistry because the school requires you to take regular chemistry, then the answer is ABSOLUTELY. But you should keep in mind that honors chemistry is one of the hardest honors classes you can ever take in high school so you should prepare for it.

How do you get good in honors in chemistry?

Survival Guide: Honors chemistry

  1. Work in groups.
  2. Collaborate as much as you can with your lab partner:
  3. Aim for a 5 on every lab:
  4. A mistake on the lab = a longer and better error analysis:
  5. Pay attention:
  7. Be friends with Ms.
  8. Take neat notes.
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What do you do in honors chemistry?

Honors Chemistry is a yearlong course and fulfills the chemistry class requirement for WHS graduation. This course is a study of the basic laws of chemistry, covering the common elements of the periodic system, their structure, interactions, and energy relationships.

Should I take AP chem or bio first?

AP Bio is slightly harder than APES, but will look stronger on your transcript if you only plan on taking one science AP. You shouldn’t take AP Chemistry without first taking an introductory Chem class, as the pace of the class is too fast to absorb all of that information for the first time.

How do you prepare for chemistry honors?

What is the difference between honors chemistry and AP chemistry?

AP Chemistry is a college course taught at a high school pace where honor chemistry is a high school classes taught at a high school.